Saturday, June 20, 2015

2015 West Coast Ride

My daughter and I will spend 60 to 90 days traveling by bicycle down the west coast to Mexico.
We are looking to meet Laryngectomies’ who live along our route to visit and share a meal with. If you live in Oregon or California we would love to meet you. If you have a couch for us to surf on or a place to pitch a tent that would be really help us with our adventure.

Please post your general locations below and send me a private message and or a friend request and we can make plans.

If you don't live near the coast you could still drive out and meet us at one of the many small towns or campgrounds we will be staying at. It would be really cool if we could organize a few BBQ's or Potlucks with local voice clubs along the way, which would be a great excuse for an extra social gathering and some good eats.

I'm planning to document this trip on YouTube and Facebook, and later in a documentary film, and if you're interested I would like to document your story in video.

You can simply state your name and that you’re a Lary and that you like to play golf for go fishing, whatever you like. Some people may wish to tell their entire stories and that would be wonderful. The goal is to show other larys how we live. To give hope to those in need and provided a better understanding to our needs.

I plan to post edited video clips weekly along with daily photos and raw video clips to Facebook and YouTube. At the end of the adventure I plan to edit and compile the videos and photos into a movie about life as a laryngectomee and how we have learned to thrive as survivors. Sharing our stories will give hope to many, including family members and friends and I know this will help those struggling by showing them what we can do.

I plan to post this movie online and to send out DVDs to ENT offices and Speech clinics around the world. Together we can really make a difference in the lives of many of our fellow survivors.

I look forward to meeting many of you and sharing this adventure.

If this part of the trip goes well and my fundraising efforts allow I would love to extend this trip all the way to Florida. If not I can always work on plans for a national trip in 2016 or 2017.

If you have a bike please come out and join us along our route for a few miles or a few days, it would be a pleasure to share the road with fellow survivors.

Sean Z. Smith

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