Monday, December 28, 2015

Update: December 28, 2015

Sorry for not blogging much. To be honest I have been battling depression since the end of my epic adventure. My ride to San Francisco was both physically and emotionally exhausting. By the time I got to San Francisco I was done. I had just plain pushed myself too hard. Many days I rode all day, often eight or more hour on the bike traveling 40 to 60+ miles, and it was awesome. It felt so good to be on the road, being able to use my body, and most importantly being able to keep my pain in check. I'm in more pain not riding my bike.

We are preparing for our next ride from the Bay Area heading south and then east across the country, funding willing. Doing this trip as a family is very important to me and I know my family really needs it! My daughter and her mother have faced many hardships because of my health problems. Her mom told her she was going to have a hard life with me and she was right. My daughter was attending on of the worst schools in our state and our state is one of the lowest ranked school system in the country. She was constantly being bullied and the chaos in the classroom was insane. I spent hundreds of hours volunteering in her classroom and I'm really scared for these kids. I only wish was healthy enough to homeschool her sooner.

Traveling as a family is really important to our mission. Many people facing cancer and fellow survivors have families and children and the power of us showing up to visit and document their story is lifechanging. Cancer is such a dark and scary place and by showing them our courage and strength we can inspire and instill hope in both those facing cancer and their loved ones.

Together we change lives.