Thursday, July 23, 2015

My recumbent bike is back and my life is already changing (New Video)

Moving with the road bike was brutal! I hurt for days

It's really nice having my bike back. I moved my stuff out of storage to save money and moved it all with my bike. When I first moved it using the road bike I was in so much pain and it took several days, but with the recumbent I was able to move everything except one load and then go shopping and bring home a full load of food.

Shopping a WinCo and got a full load.

I picked up a cleaning job tomorrow to raise a little more money for the trip. I'm still about 20-30 dollars a day away from my fund raising goals. I'm budgeting fifty dollars a day, but I'm hopeful to find lots of $5 campsites and nice people to couch surf or a yard to pop up a tent and hope to spend a lot less than that so we can eat good and go to some fun places.

Planning a short two night camping trip to give the bike a shakedown and see how much gear we need to dump. It's been too long since our last camping trip.

Not sure how I'm going to raise up the money I need, but I'm going to do it. I have about eight pledges who have offered me money for every month I'm on the road. If I can get 20 to 30 people to believe in me and my documentary and pledge a dollar a day or whatever they can we will be on the road soon. I can't wait. This trip is really going to inspire a lot of people with disfiguring cancers that life can be good and lived well.

Your donations will save and change lives. 

Please check out my latest video of me moving stuff by bicycle and subscribe to my YouTube channel


Thanks for reading my blog and keeping me inspired.

I hope to see you one the road

Sean Z